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Prakash Kashwan is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Co-Director of the Research Program on Economic and Social Rights, Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. He is author of widely reviewed and acclaimed book,  Democracy in the Woods: Environmental Conservation and Social Justice in India, Tanzania, and Mexico (Oxford University Press 2017). He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on global environmental politics, environmental and climate justice, contentious politics, political economy of development, south Asia in world politics, and quantitative research methods.

Professor Kashwan’s expertise is in building bridges between disparate disciplinary and methodological domains for a deeper comparative understanding of the intersecting pursuits of social justice, environmental conservation, and climate action in different regions and political systems. The social scientific focus is on investigating the processes of political and institutional change. To this end, he has developed a novel political economy of institutions approach that helps synthesize insights from the scholarship on institutional analysis, policy studies, and critical social science research on justice and inequality.

Professor Kashwan employs a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods in his research and scholarship, which stands on the foundations of a multi-disciplinary academic background (with a Bachelor of Science, a Master’s in Forestry Management). Moreover, his research and writings are shaped profoundly by over two-decades-long engagements with global and international environmental governance, including a pre-academia career in international development (1999-2005). In 2011, he was awarded a Ph. D. in Public Policy, under the mentorship of late Professor Elinor Ostrom, the 2009 Nobel Laureate for Economic Sciences.

Dr. Kashwan is a member of the expert group convened by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) for the Scoping of the Assessment of Transformative Change and options for achieving the 2050 vision for biodiversity. He also co-founded the Climate Justice Network (with Professor Lauren MacLean of Indiana University, Bloomington ). He is an Editor of the journal Environmental Politics (Taylor & Francis) and serves onthe editorial boards of Earth Systems Governance, Progress in Development Studies, and Humanities & Social Sciences Communications (Palgrave). He has been appointed a Senior Research Fellow of the Earth System Governance Project’s and a member of its Task Force on Planetary Justice. He was also a member of the Academic Working Group on International Governance of Climate Engineering convened by the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment, Washington D.C.

Dr. Kashwan is working currently on his second book-length project on Climate Justice (contracted with Oxford University Press) and an edited volume on Climate in India (under review at Cambridge University Press). Dr. Kashwan has also authored and co-authored numerous research articles published in Ecological Economics, Regional Environmental Change, Land Use Policy, Journal of Environmental Management, International Journal of the Commons, Journal of Theoretical Politics, Environmental Politics, Global Environmental Politics, Global Transitions, Bioscience, Earth System Governance, Sustainability, Current Opinions in Environmental Sustainability, and World Development, among others. He has also contributed popular commentaries to the Washington Post, the Conversation, BBC Hindi, and the Guardian, among others.

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