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September 2, 2020. The Conversation. American environmentalism’s racist roots have shaped global thinking about conservation.
TheWire-Science October 31, 2019. The Wire. Should Human Attempts to Modify the Climate Be Considered a Public Good? 
December 28, 2018. The Wire. India Should Demand International, Political Oversight for Geoengineering R&D.

Republished, December 29, 2018: Business Standard

January 9, 2018. Merion West. Public Policy Expert: Political Engagement Is Key to “Climate Justice”.
November 15, 2017. The Guardian. Bigotry against indigenous people means we’re missing a trick on climate change.  
October 31, 2017. KPFA – Your Own Health and Fitness. Indigenous People Protect Natural Communities.
July 6, 2017. Univision Noticias (Spanish). ¿Por qué algunas sociedades equilibran la protección ambiental y la justicia social mucho más efectivamente que otras?.
June 5, 2017. New Security Beat. Social Justice or Forest Conservation? Cross-Regional Comparisons Reveal a False Trade-Off.
April 18, 2017. The OUP Blog. Political Intermediation for Just Sustainabilities.


April 6, 2017. The Conversation. To conserve tropical forests and wildlife, protect the rights of people who rely on them. Republished by Phys.org, Tanzania Today.
November 1, 2016. Washington Post.  Governments, not people, tend to benefit from land conservation. 
August 5, 2015. New Security Beat. Who Benefits From REDD+? Lessons From India, Tanzania, and Mexico.

Commentaries on Indian Politics


December 20, 2017. Hindustan Times. Gujarat election results offer hope for a rejuvenated political economy.
May 20, 2014. Washington Post. India’s elections and the politics of development.



Media Citations


The Verge Logo January 31, 2020. The Verge. Planting 1 trillion trees might not actually be a good idea.
March 19, 2019. The Rights & Resources Initiative. Washington D. C. Press Briefing: Evicting Millions of Indigenous and Local Peoples from Their Forest Homes—as Ordered by Indian Supreme Court—Is Condemned by Global Experts.
March 7, 2019. The Hindu. A Fight For the Forest.
March 6, 2019. The Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment. The Swiss Resolution on Geoengineering and its Governance.
March 5, 2019. The Wire. An Archaic Conservationists’ Bias Haunts the Forest Rights Act.
March 5, 2019. FlashForward (Podcast). Earth: The Sunshade.
 October 1, 2018. Reuters. As climate risks rise, scientists call for rules on solar engineering.

Republished (AllAfrica.Com; Voice of America; The Economic Times/The Times of India)

April 23, 2018. The Daily Campus. “Climate Justice: Conversations Across Barriers and Borders” explores climate change inequality.
April 10, 2018. Oakland Institute. Rights, Not Favors’: Citizenship Lessons from India’s Forests.
May 26, 2017. New Security Beat. Climate fragility and terror – risks as well as opportunities. Also, Business StandardFinancial Express, and Yahoo! News.
April 7, 2017. The Third Pole. Forest Dwellers Are the Best Protectors of the Environment. (Republished in The Wire; Development News)
April 3, 2017. The Third Pole. Indian Regional Court Gives Right to Nature. The Third Pole.
February 11, 2017. Conservation Watch. Prakash Kashwan on inequality, democracy and protected areas.
  January 30, 2017. The Daily Campus. UConn Professor Presents Book Advocating for Global Awareness of Environmental Protection.
June 3, 2014. UConn Today. Regenerating Tropical Forests.